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Cooking With Your Kids: Simple (and Healthy) Snowman Snacks!

Saturday, January 18, 2014 8:43 PM | Deleted user

By Sheri Saperstein Richberg, Certified Personal Trainer, Body by Baby Fitness

Getting your kids to eat enough fruits and veggies in the winter can be a daily challenge.  Having them create and design their own “Snowman Snack” will make them more apt to eat delicious and wholesome foods while they have fun preparing them!

Here are a few seasonally inspired snowman snacks which also make a nutritious breakfast or lunch, not to mention a fun, family conversation piece!

Snowman Pancakes: There are so many healthy fruit options for kids to help make and decorate their own pancake snowman – you won’t even need the sugary syrup!

Using your favorite multi-grain pancake recipe (or any pancake mix that you like – frozen pancakes will work too - we used a Stonewall Kitchen mix),  have your kids help mix up and make an ascending sized stack of two or three round pancakes on top of one another so that it resembles a snowman. Then cut up an assortment of fresh or frozen fruits for your kids to become artists ~ (or let your kids use plastic knives to cut up their own) then Create, Design & Enjoy!

We used raisin eyes, melon slices for the nose and arms, grape ear muffs, a strawberry mouth and hat, green apple belt & buttons, clementine feet and some dollops of snowy whipped cream! You could also add shredded coconut “snow”, a pineapple ring sun, and a blueberry sky to create an entire winter scene. Encourage your children to be creative and add as many colors as you can > The more colorful your snowman, the more health benefits you add to your plate!

Snowman Bagel: Spread your favorite type of Bagel or English Muffin (whole wheat and multi-grain are a plus!) with softened cream cheese veggie cream cheese is an added bonus!) Then stick in some black or green olive eyes (sliced baby gherkins work great too), a baby carrot nose, red pepper mouth, cucumber strip hair and broccoli earmuffs (raw or steamed!) You could also use a sliced cherry tomato tongue, baby spinach or shredded red cabbage hair, and how about a steamed string bean bow tie and celery stick arms! What’s in your fridge? Cut it up, stick it on and eat it all up > super simple, nutritious and delicious!

Snowman Banana Pops: Slice banana wheels for the head & body then push onto a lollipop stick (or bamboo skewer). Stick in a tiny carrot or orange slice nose, raisin eyes & buttons, pretzel arms, clementine hat & grape pom pom! Make a snowman family of pops, put some in the freezer and enjoy later on frozen with hot cocoa!

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