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Thursday, May 02, 2013 9:11 PM | Deleted user
We have several members whose children are aging out this September and other members with new babies arriving.  This leaves us with a number of open positions that we would love to fill.  Experience is NOT necessary.  People are available to help teach you the ropes! Please email potfieldtrips@yahoo.com in you are interested in helping out or sign up on Survey Monkey


Parents of Tots needs get our name out there!  Whether it’s online (The Patch), in print (local newspapers) or flyers posted around the towns (libraries, preschool, playgrounds), getting new members is critical to the group’s continued success!  The position requires less than 1 hr/month but is such an important component of the future of Parents of Tots…the more members we have, the more volunteers, and ultimately the more fun!  Tasks include emailing pictures from our past events to local media outlets announcing events that are offered to non-members and also to recap events--and the bonus that kids LOVE seeing themselves in the paper!  Occasional attendance at monthly member meeting is appreciated (primarily to keep you in the loop of upcoming events that can be publicized).

Newsletter Team

Are you looking for a creative and engaging position within PoT? As the Newsletter Editor you will compile content and organize the layout of the monthly newsletter.  No experience necessary, just some familiarity with Microsoft Word. As a Newsletter Page Designer you would gather information submitted by others and format it for the newsletter.  The task takes an hour a month but needs to be completed shortly after the 20th.


If you’re a numbers person, this is your perfect excuse to crunch numbers without having to account for billable hours!  This position fluctuates between 1-4 hrs per month.  Monthly tasks include checking PoT Post Office Box (in Wakefield) and reconciling the checking account.  Other aspects include occasional membership deposits and reimbursements of member expenses via online banking.  Annual review of budget with President are then followed by monthly reporting of budget versus actual reports for member meeting.  Attendance at monthly member is preferred but not required. 

Tot Time Coordinator

Plan a themed one hour tot time with craft(s), stories and snack.  Choose a day and time that works for your schedule. There is funding available for each monthly event.  This is a creative, fun and easy way to be involved.  Coordinate with other members who want to plan a tot time. 

Town Crier

Each month you would compile a list of the events and activities in your town that are tot and family friendly to be included in out monthly newsletter. This is an easy task and can be done anytime before the 20th of the month.  Reading and Stoneham Criers Needed. 

Playgroup Coordinator

As the playgroup coordinator you can help make the connection between families.  Match people via email from the comfort of your own home on your own time (about 20 minutes per week).  And submit any community relevant information to monthly newsletter.

Festival by the Lake Coordinator

Join this fun new committee and be part of the planning and organization of the Children’s Area at Wakefield’s Annual Festival by the Lake in June 2014.  Each of the responsibilities leading up to the big event are already outlined for those who join the committee. Meetings begin in January.

Sunshine Committee Coordinator

Do you like helping families who may need a little support after an exciting event like the arrival of a new baby or maybe a difficult time like a serious illness in the family? As the Sunshine Committee Coordinator you will coordinate the delivery of meals, by the members of the Sunshine Committee, to these families, on an as-needed basis.


The Secretary is responsible for many of the administrative aspects of the Parents of Tots organization.  You will maintain the monthly member meeting agenda and minutes.  This is a great way to see what it’s like to be a more active participant in Parents of Tots for a short window of time!

Field Trip Coordinator

Enjoy taking your children places?  Become a field trip coordinator.  We are looking for individuals to help plan monthly field trips for our members.  Responsibilities include finding a place to go, picking a date and writing up a short entry for the website/newsletter with details, and of course going on the field trip.  It is as easy as that.

We hope one of these positions interests you!  Please email potfieldtrips@yahoo.com in you are interested in helping out or sign up on Survey Monkey

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